2017-10-09 - New puppies with us! Brood: „M”. Parents: BRI BRI Forest and River and DREAM Cotoneaster.
Tło During the night BRI BRI got birth to nine Labradors: two black males, one biscuit male, five biscuit females and one Black female. Quite substantial brood J Birth weight balanced from 445 to 515 grams. Fortunately mom in a good shape, hard to pull her out from the puppies coop. Both parents of the puppies mother are Polish Champions and Working Champions. Also both parents of the puppies...
2017-10-01 - My so very new Working Champion CBR SUPERMARIO!
Dscf9214 zip I gained the second Working Champion . The first one was JOKA Alfa Matrix and now also SUPERMARIO Aquamanda’s Chesapeake. We won a Working Contest for the third time. In those competitions (in Czerniakowo/near Toruń) GERONIMO Forest and River took second place.
2017-08-14 - Biskupin. The Dummy Competitions and Domestic Retriever’s Working Contest.
Dscf5953 The beginning and the end. Now developing: the last Dummy Competitions in this year and the first Gundog Working Competitions of the year. On August, 14 we’ve started an artificial dummy fetting. Competitions prepared by Władek Hoff weren’t easy at all but so interesting. Thank you so much! Results: Elementary Class: First place/75 points, my DREAM Cotoneaster; Third...
2017-08-10 - DARIEN Forest and River became a rescue dog in a F.D. Jabłonna
Darien Darien received a first degree rescue specialty, which entitling him to participate in every rescue operations in Poland and abroad. Bravo Arleta and DARIEN!
2017-07-24 - GRANDA Forest and River – a Winner in a Swedish Labrador Club
Content_dsc_8709 GRANDA (17 months beach from my breeding) won a Championships in a Swedish Retriver’s Club. It is worth noting that in a Swedish competitions start dozens of dogs in each class. Thanks Agnes for trainings, all your work with a young GRANDA and just keep it up :)
2017-07-02 - The Dummy Competitions in Chybie/near Bielsko-Biała
Chybie In a Competition organized by the Kennel Club Branch in Bielsko-Biała started my 4 dogs. In the Elementary Class HADŻAR didn’t pass all the competitions same as HIPIS in the Basic Class. Those dogs are young, the first loss, everything will be much better in time. In a Basic Class GIN Forest and River was second and in the Open Class GERONIMO was third. I was started with a SUPERMARIO...
2017-06-05 - Retriever’s Working Test – Łódź, Księże Młyny
Nagłówek2 copy Meeting and training with so great and experienced trainer, breeder and judge of the International Retriever’s Competitions – Stefano Martinoli form Italy. My SUPERMARIO was working very good but by virtue of one competition, in which he didn’t get a point we came back with no diplomas (SUPERMARIO took 4 place). In this contest also were started GIN Forest and River and he...
2017-05-07 - The Dummy Retriever’s Competition in Polewicz. Start of dogs from my kennel.
Pies w ramie (1) The so very first Dummy Retriever’s Competition. In the Elementary Class were starting 3 dogs from my own breeding: Place 1/8, 61 points HIPIS Forest and River, the annual Labrador retriever;parents: ANSARI Forest and River and LIGUSTR Cotoneaster; guide: Tomasz Olejnik. Place 2/8, 58 points GIN Forest and River, 15 months Labrador; parents: JOKA Alfa Matrix and Copperbirch PERRY;...
2017-04-14 - Puppies from JOKA and CYPRYS
S0558516 This little creatures are the last JOKA’s puppies. I decided that their dad will be fourth time CYPRYS, because so far this combination were successful. Most of them are working dogs, wise, clever, healthy and had grown up to tall and slender dogs. Both parents are very titled, had a Polish Championship badge and also both are Polish Champions. JOKA in 2012 became a winner of...
2017-04-10 - The III Dummy Retriever’s Competition
Zawody_polewicz2-web-04-04 Soon, in May,7 The III Dummy Competition for The Garwolin District Governor Cup will started. This year we will meet in Polewicz. You are more than welcome.