2016-02-20 - Puppies Chesapeake Bay Retriever
S0923122 We own a little troop of Chessie’s puppies, 4 males and 7 females. Born: 6 February,2016. Parents: Aquamanda’s  SUPERMARIO (a sire) and Rancho Fidora’s  AIRA (a dam). Both from my own breeding. SUPERMARIO’s achievements are: Polish Champion, The double Winner and also two times took 2nd place of The Dummy Competitions in The Open Class, The double...
2015-12-30 - Summary of 2015 years
Img_3470 2015 is over, it’s time to summarize breeding activities, competitions, exhibitions and trainings. In the spring JOKA, ANSARI (my Labradors) and also VEI (my Chesapeake Bay Retriever)gave births. All puppies were in perfectly health. Some of them I was training so I hope they are doing just fine in their new homes. .  In the beginning of 2015 I finished Polish...
2015-02-28 - We have puppies! :)
S0349083 The number of inhabitants in forester in February definitely increased. Joka gave birth to four black puppies, two males and two bitches on February 21. Ansari three days later, three biscuit males, and four black females. More information in the section Puppies.   
2015-02-18 - Mario and pheasants
S0578153 This season my chessy worked very effectively on huntings. Perfectly cover the field and raises pheasants. I taught him to work close to me, so he raise pheasants after a successful shot. Pedetidae find without problems, no matter how far leaked. He is calm on a bench and carefully waite for the command-kind contribution, even if there other dogs work in a field. In the gallery are some...
2014-09-09 - Prezentation of work with dummy
_s889142zip During Retriever Club Show in Czestochowa I was asked to tell about the Competition Dummy. I tried to bring the purpose, principles, and competition of the contest. Some which were possible to present at the exhibition I showed with the participation of my dogs - labrador Joka and chessapeake Vei. Vei also participated in the exhibition, got excellent.
2014-06-08 - Dummy Competition in Huta Garwolińska
Graf For the first time I had the opportunity to work as the event organizer. I prepared whole event with Młgorzata Zaorska. Organizational and logistical work was a lot, but I think we managed. The weather, the competitors and even sponsors turned up. The raport about Competition appeared in the magazine "Dog" (3/2014). Competed 12 teams in the Class D-0 and seven in the D-Open....
2014-04-15 - Puppies of Joka, Ansari and Luna
1-_s724490 We have puppies! Joka gave birth on 22.02.2014, Ansari on 28.02.2014 and Luna on 8.03.2014. More infos here:
2013-12-08 - Training of puppies of Joka and Ansari born in february 2013r.
1-_s792557 This year I had twenty puppies. Pretty soon they moved to their new homes. Just Bojar left until September - the owner wanted to pick up the dog already trained and ready to hunt. So it was, we met at the ducks hunting and came back with ten birds. After some time the puppies returned to me for training, especially the ones that went to the hunters. Bat and Buena Vista staied for two...
2013-10-27 - Dog youth education
1-_s488642 For several years, I meet with young people and talk about working with dogs. Mostly I'm invitating by teachers. I try to show what my dogs can do with doing tricks, I present work of the retriever. We also simulate loss of the student and dogs are looking for him. However, for me it is more important to provide information, how to read the body language of dogs, how to build a...
2013-05-12 - "Retriever's Picnic", 12.05.2013. Warszawa, Fort Augustówka
Dsc00291 The weather was good, people willing to exercise with the dogs came. Grzegorz Duda presented how to work with the dog, I presented competitions Competition Dummy. We perform pilot competition at the end.